Join us in the US with SMG’s F1 Private High School Program this Fall!

The SMG F-1 Private programs, Choice and Basic, are still accepting applications and our schools plan to open as normal in the fall. Each week, I receive emails and calls from our partner school reviewing the school’s safety procedures for the upcoming year and they have let me know they will accept late arrivals.

Almost all of our F-1 private schools still have openings, below you will find more information on some of those schools. For more information on either of the F-1 private programs contact

We look forward to seeing your applications!



N.EW. Lutheran High School

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Northeastern Wisconsin Lutheran HS is an intuitive, technologically advanced school and a regional leader in academics. Students are fully prepared to be leaders, regardless of chosen academic pursuits and future career objectives. NEWLHS has over 52 courses offered to fulfill the required 23 credits. NEW Lutheran offers dual & AP courses in addition to general course offerings.  We are moving forward to meet the need of our current and future students by expanding our academic offerings, creating new opportunities to serve the community and planning for campus development to give all students outstanding opportunities in the arts and athletics.


Seton Catholic High School

Plattsburgh, New York

Seton Catholic has a long tradition as a day school for International Students. The faculty and staff of Seton Catholic provide an excellent learning environment, and students are prepared for exciting opportunities in higher education. International Students are fully integrated in the academic and social life of the school. International Students often serve as leaders on sports teams and in clubs and organizations. Our location in the Lake Champlain Valley, and the vast Adirondack wilderness, provides a wealth of opportunities for outdoor activities in every season.


Lowell Catholic High School

Lowell, Massachusetts

Lowell Catholic High School is a co-educational, college preparatory school within the Archdiocese of Boston and was founded in 1989. Lowell Catholic’s facilities and low student-teacher ratio allow for the students to focus academically, form lasting friendships, and develop confidence in self and others. High achieving students can engage in a rigorous academic program with a variety of offerings including honors, Advanced Placement and virtual courses. Students who need extra attention find the one-on-one support of teachers, guidance counselors and Learning Integration Specialist, the ideal supplement to their studies.


Santiam Christian High School

Adair Village, Oregon

Santiam Christian has a well-developed international student program and offers ELL support to their international students. Santiam offers a rigorous curriculum, top-notch athletic programs, and a multitude of clubs and activities. It should be noted that Santiam Christian has been rated as the #1 school of its size, either public or private, in the entire State of Oregon for ten of the last thirteen years! The campus is open, safe and set in a beautiful site surrounded by forests and farmland. Also, resident students are extremely welcoming to the international student population!


Christian High School

San Diego, California

Christian High School is an independent college preparatory, co-educational school that focuses on raising the standard in every area of education. Christian High School offers a rigorous college preparatory program of instruction designed to prepare students for college and future vocational pursuits. Students are taught to think critically and to develop analytical skills for the present and their future. Christian High School is located about 20 minutes by car from San Diego, CA in the suburban El Cajon community. Students will be close to exciting city activities, sports teams, and beaches, in some of the best weather in the world!

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