F-1 Public High School Program

Public high school exchange students

SMG’s F-1 Public High School Program provides international students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in American culture while pursuing an excellent education. Our goal is to offer international students the opportunity to have a traditional American high school experience tailored to their specific needs.

With over 60+ public school districts, we offer the unique opportunity to allow students the choice of a specific district in which they want to study. Whether you want to experience the beaches of Miami, the exciting city of Chicago, or the outdoor adventures of Denver, SMG’s F-1 Public High School Program will make your dreams a reality.

Our staff wants nothing more than to assist students in finding the school that is right for them. Whether a student needs a specific class, club, or sport, SMG will find the district that matches them best. With so many options available, the F-1 Public High School Program is certain we can meet the majority of requests.

We also understand that host family experience is just as important as the school experience, which is why we thoroughly screen potential host families. All of our carefully selected host families are excited to open their homes and share culture with international students. Students are also assigned a local representative that can help them with any concerns they may have.

With all of the options and support our Public High School Program offers, we are confident our international students will experience the high school exchange program of a lifetime.


Program Facts

  • Students applying to the F-1 Public High School Program must be between the ages of 14 and 18
  • Students must have completed 8th grade prior to arrival
  • Students must supply transcripts demonstrating passing grades
  • 3-month, semester, academic year, and calendar year programs available
  • Rolling admission throughout the year
  • Over 60 school districts to choose from located throughout the US
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Why Choose SMG

  • Desirable locations such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, and Orlando
  • Students can select the city and district
  • Wide array of sports, clubs, and advanced level classes
  • Possibility of graduation
  • Varied levels of English ability accepted
  • Official transcripts are provided
  • 24-hour student helpline available to all students
  • Personalized and caring service from experienced SMG team

Frequently Asked Questions

Students applying to the Public High School Program must be between the ages of 14 and 18.

We offer short-term (quarter/trimester) semester, academic year, and calendar year programs.

The Public High School Program offers rolling admission. However, we do recommend getting applications in early, as some districts fill up quickly.

Our program has more than 60 districts to choose from, scattered throughout the United States and near many major cities.

Program Manager

Stacy has been involved in the Student Exchange Industry for over 15 years. She has worked with various F-1 programs within Student Management Group, but is now focused on developing our Public High School Program.

Founded in 2010, Stacy’s hard work and dedication have helped grow the Public High School Program exponentially. In four short years, the program has gone from 13 registered students in year one to approximately 200 students registered for the upcoming year.

“Student Exchange, specifically the F-1 Public School Program is so important because it allows for more students, host families and entire communities to be exposed to different cultures.  Learning about another way of life opens the doors to understanding and friendship among, not only the individuals involved, but entire nations.  With the limited number of students now coming to the United States on J-1 visas, the F-1 program opens a whole new avenue for students and families to connect and become part of an extended, international family.”


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