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Reasons to Study Abroad

Expand Your World with SMG

Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only do you get an education from another country, but you also get to explore the parts of the world you may have never been to before or will ever visit again. Sharing cultures between people from other countries is a rewarding experience that cannot be duplicated. Here at Student Management Group, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional service throughout this experience. Even though we work with thousands of students each year, we'll make sure you receive the personal attention you need to complete a successful program abroad.

Meet Incredible People

Become an Exchange Student

Culture shapes who we are as people. With cultures often being so different, the people you meet during your experience abroad will be unlike anyone you have ever met. You will have the opportunity to learn and share new ideas, hobbies, and interests with people from another part of the world. The friendships you make while studying abroad will be unforgettable. Additionally, you will find that you have a lasting effect on the community you spend your program in, as it will have a lasting effect on you.

At SMG, we align ourselves with schools around North America that embrace different cultures and encourage diversity. We can guarantee our students that they will be surrounded by individuals who will not only appreciate their culture but will also look forward to sharing their culture with you. The bonds and memories you make during this experience will be lifelong and life-changing.



90% of students said studying abroad influences them to seek out a greater diversity of friends.

Source: IES Abroad

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97% of students said studying abroad enabled them to learn something new about themselves.

Source: IES Abroad

Go on an Adventure

Experience a New Way of Life

It may seem difficult at first to take full advantage of all the opportunities your study abroad experience will give you. Adjusting to living in a new country, new school, and new friends may not be easy at first. Even with all of this, it is important to take advantage of the unique opportunities being in a new country can offer.


The SMG team understands the importance for students to enjoy their experience. That's why we have strategically created relationships with school districts that can offer students many unbelievable opportunities to ensure our students are fully involved. Whether you want to ski down the world-famous Whistler Mountain in Novia Scotia or swim with the dolphins in Miami, our programs will place you in a situation where you will have the best experience for you.


SMG is here not only to provide excellent educational experiences but to provide unforgettable life experiences as well.

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Learn a New Language

There's learning a foreign language in your home country, then there's learning a foreign language in the country where the language is spoken.

Is there really a question about which one is better?

Talking with people who are native English speakers can help you develop your English skills faster than you ever thought possible. Studying abroad with SMG will help make this a reality.

At SMG, we will find the schools that best match your language skills. If you have just started to learn the English language we will find a school that offers ESL courses to help you transition to school in North America. If you have advanced language skills then we will offer you schools where you can focus on general education and develop your conversational language skills.

Every student is unique. SMG will do everything to help our students develop the language skills they need based on their individual needs.

Jump Start the Rest of Your Life

You have good grades, participate in many activities, and volunteer as often as possible. While this is impressive, many other students have similar qualities.

Not many international students, however, can say they studied business in Los Angeles or graduated with an American high school diploma.

Studying through SMG gives you a distinct advantage for your future. Many international students dream of going on to study at an American university. Even just a semester in an SMG program can help you stand out during university admission processes. With an American college education becoming increasingly more competitive, SMG programs can help give students the edge they need.


59% of employers said that studying abroad would be valuable in an individual's career later on with their organization.

Source: Career Center at University of North Carolina

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