F-1 Private Choice High School Program


Student Management Group’s F-1 Private Choice Program has successfully managed student exchange programs since 1997. We’re here to offer students interested in receiving a high-quality education, developing their English skills, and learning about American culture the perfect American education experience. Many of our private high schools are in desirable locations. Whether you want to be near cities, like Los Angeles, or in a region like New England, we will do everything we can to place you where you want to be. We have local representatives near each school, as well as a 24-hour service line available to parents, host families, and students. It is our mission to ensure you and your family feels comfortable throughout your stay in the United States.

With more than 20 years of experience, our partners can trust that there is no better choice for an elite American education than our Private High School Program. Our F-1 Private Choice Program partners with more than 90 private high schools located throughout the United States, all of which embrace the sharing of new cultures and ideas. SMG works alongside our partner schools to ensure that all our students will have the best experience possible. We assist all our students in finding the private school that best suits their needs and interests.


Facts About F-1 Private Choice

  • Students choose from over 90 top private schools
  • Boarding and day school options available
  • Pricing ranges from 20,000-80,000 USD
  • Students can study for 1 or more years
  • Schools accept students ages 13-19
  • Notable programs include STEM, arts, theater, music, and sports

Why Choose Private Choice

  • We work with top private schools across the US
  • Our students are able to graduate
  • We provide excellent support and guidance throughout the program
  • Many options for academics, clubs, sports, and activities are available

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Private School Program consists of nearly 100 schools!

We have schools located throughout the country. From big cities like New York, to small cities like Green Bay, we have a school in the city for you.

Some of our schools do allow students to for a 3 month program. Contact us for a list of schools that offer this.

Yes, staying with your own host family is possible.

The majority of the schools in our program do offer Advanced Placement classes.

Yes, several F-1 Private Choice partner schools offer the IB program. Contact us for more info on which schools do."

Certain schools do offer diplomas after one year of enrollment. It is more common, however, for two years to be required.

Yes, we have several schools that offer international enrollment to students in grades K-8. Contact us for more info on those schools.

Program Manager

Diana has worked compassionately In the field of student exchange for over ten years. As program director of our Private High School Program Ms. DeClemente works directly with schools, headmasters and teachers, and also has employees in each state to help manage and watch over the students very closely.

"This isn’t just a job to me, it is a mission I am passionate about and believe in which I hope the students, schools, and families all see! I want each student to have an incredible experience to allow for further opportunities to open up for them in the future. No matter what level a student is on, I aim to find a place for them providing growth, achievement, and success!”


Student Testimonials

My American Experience

I decided to come to school in the U.S. because I want a new experience and learn something new, such as culture and language. My mom was not okay to let me come here at the first time, but I told her I want to make a difference in my life by start doing something new. The best thing in the U.S. is family and friends. I didn't expect to have many friends and relationships, but I was wrong. I made many friends, and I enjoyed every moment with them. I know I could live alone by myself, but it would be much better to have friends. The hardest thing for me is to say goodbye to them, but I believe we will meet again.


An Unforgettable Experience

I can never forget about this experience because of St Joseph Academy in Saint Augustine, my host family, and all my teachers and coordinators! It is all because my parents chose SMG placement here.  Indeed, the first time when I come to the United States via SMG, I was excited but with slight panic! Every time, whenever I am lost SMG leadership and the program I have been in always had mentors that tried their best to help me toward to my success, in which I feel an unprecedented comfort in such a wonderful program!


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