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F1 Private School Programs

With close to 100 high level academic institutions, our Private High School Program offers students the chance to experience the United States while receiving a high quality education. Our program helps our students find the school that best matches their interests. The great education we offer also leads to many of our students being accepted to some of the best universities in the US. The Private High School Program is the perfect option for students to experience American culture and advance their education.

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F1 Public High School Program

Our Public High School Program offers international students the opportunity to be a part of the traditional American high school experience tailored to their needs. We give our students the ability to choose from over 50 school districts located in many desirable places throughout the United States. With the Public High School Program, students are guaranteed to find the perfect school that fits their needs. Experience what it means to attend an American high school in our Public High School program.

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The Thomas More School

St. Thomas More School (STM) is an accredited college preparatory boy's boarding school for all types of students and will start accepting girls in August 2021. Within a structured environment, STM strives to motivate, nurture, and strengthen the intellectual, moral, physical, and social development of every student.

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SMG Canada High School Program

Our Canadian Academic Program is proud to bring world-class education to the international community. With picturesque mountains, lakes, and waterfalls, Canada is an incredible place to live and study. The Canadian landscape provides countless opportunities for outdoor activities that students are able to enjoy all year long. With our Canadian Program, students are guaranteed to receive a high quality education and experience new culture, in some of the greatest cities in the world.

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SMG UK Experience High School Program

The UK Experience is a flexible program offering educational opportunities in both state and private schools throughout the UK. Students will be able to immerse themselves in historical and culturally rich cities such as London, Edinburgh/Highlands, Dublin and more.

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SMG Europe High School Program

Experience a one-of-a-kind cultural and academic experience in some of the most historic and vibrant cities that all of Europe has to offer.

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