F-1 Basic Plus Program

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The F-1 Basic Program offers several options including a NEW PLUS option!

The PLUS option allows students to learn about the school before applying! Students can review the description pages for 7 different schools; after reviewing the school options, students can pick 2 schools they want in order of preference. SMG will place the student in either their first or second option. The two choices must be listed in the application notes section when the app is submitted.

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Facts About F-1 Basic Plus Program

  • Open to students ages 14-19
  • Language and academic support is offered
  • Graduation is possible
  • Semester and Academic Year programs available
  • Multiple year program options available

Preference Option

Students are able to list their preferences such as school size, school subject or activity, and/or region, and for an additional fee, SMG will place the student in a school to guarantee this preference. This option is based on available school spots and SMG admission date. The schools on our Basic program offer students a well-rounded education including academics, co-curricular activities, sports, clubs, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

The F-1 Private High School Program allows students to select the specific school in which they want to study. The Basic Program is a non-choice program. Once students are accepted into the program, staff will place a student in a school where they believe the student will be most successful.

Private Basic schools are located throughout the United States.

Private Basic offers students outstanding private high schools. While students cannot choose a specific school, they are guaranteed an elite experience.

All high schools will have a minimum of 100 students enrolled in grades 9-12.

Students can apply for either a semester or academic year program.

Yes, students are able to stay for multiple years on the F-1 Private Basic program.

Program Manager

Diana has worked compassionately In the field of student exchange for over ten years. As program director of our Private High School Program, Diana works directly with schools, headmasters, and teachers, and also has employees in each state to help manage and watch over the students very closely.

“This isn’t just a job to me, it is a mission I am passionate about and believe in which I hope the students, schools, and families all see! I want each student to have an incredible experience to allow for further opportunities to open up for them in the future. No matter what level a student is on, I aim to find a place for them providing growth, achievement, and success!”


Student Testimonials

My American Experience

"Different countries have different cultures, and my parents wanted me to experience something different in my life and see more things in the world. I have been in America for almost three years, and I am enjoying every single day that I am here. I said I enjoy it, but it does not mean it is easy, it has been a challenge for me, and that is the point of our life, don’t you think? I am sure I got so much stronger, not only physically stronger, but also my heart. Two biggest challenges for me were language and making friends, at first when I came here I didn’t speak much of English at all, and plus the slang that people use here, people wouldn’t talk to a person who can’t even understand what they are saying, I was lost. But fortunately I have a great host family, they help me for my homework the first year, teach me things that I don’t know how to do, have a conversation with me when I’m struggling, I don’t think I can do this without them. I didn’t have friends at all the first year, but as time goes I start making friends. Sports absolutely can help you make new friends, especially when you're good at it. And now I am a senior in high school, I joined many activity clubs, and I play sports. I have a lot of friends, and I think I speak pretty good English now, at least other people says so. We always have to take challenges, you will never lose if you don’t give up, life is not easy, and this is how we get stronger."

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