January 2022 Update

With the start of the new year, we wanted to update you about SMG and our program’s availability. It has been incredibly encouraging to see the overwhelming demand for high school programs in the United States, Canada, and the UK.

F-1 Public Program | United States

The F-1 Public High School Program is excited to introduce our newest team member, Mariane Smith. Mariane’s own exchange experience, coupled with her background in communications and marketing make her a perfect addition to SMG. She will be your main point of contact for student inquiries, general district and high school information, as well as the student admissions process. Please feel free to contact her directly at mariane@student-management.com about any of the topics mentioned. For more information about Mariane, please visit our website: https://student-management.com/about/meet-the-team/

Also, starting this year, F-1 Public will not be paying the fee for students in SEVIS. Therefore, you will have to pay this fee online for your own students.


F-1 Private Program | United States

We are happy to announce that we still are accepting students on our F-1 Private Program for August 2022. Our Choice and Basic options are available for students, and we have many schools excited to welcome SMG students. Please get in touch with Diana at diana@student-management.com. Visit student-management.com.f1-private-choice for more information!


St. Thomas More School | Connecticut

There is still time to apply for our August programs and get a 40% scholarship. Also, Summer Camp in July 2022 at STM will offer amazing academic, language, and cultural experiences for all students! Please contact Sasha at sasha@student-management.com. Learn more at student-management.com/st-thomas-more/!


UK Experience | United Kingdom

All programs for 2022/23 are available, including our affordable No-Choice program in the UK, Scotland & Wales. We do expect this program and some of our Flex State schools to be full by the spring, so please contact us soon to enroll your students. We will be announcing some new school options in the coming months as well. Please contact uk@student-management.com. Visit https://student-management.com/smg-uk/ for more information!


Canada Program | Canada Nationwide

The program is filling up quickly, but we still have plenty of districts and schools to offer your students that want to go to Canada for their high school programs. We have also added new districts to the program such as Vernon SD, Winnipeg SD and MORE. Please contact James at jmann@student-management.com to learn more about any of our amazing options in Canada! Visit student-management.com/smg-canada/ for more information!

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