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The SMG UK & Ireland Experience offers students aged from 11 to 19 a real variety of opportunity, with options in state, day and boarding schools.  Students can choose from short-term immersion programs to full academic programs that can lead to recognized qualifications, such as A-Levels (U.K.), Leaving Certificates (Ireland) or the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Whether staying with a local host family or a school residence/boarding accommodation, we ensure that the students receive plenty of local support.

We can help recommend the best option depending on what the student is looking to achieve and their personal preference while exploring the local areas and the famous sights, whether it be London, Cambridge, Brighton or Dublin.


Facts About the UK Experience

  • Top Boarding Schools
    • Students may choose from over 40 of the best boarding schools in the UK
  • High-Quality Education
    • Students have the opportunity to enroll in A-level and IB courses
  • State Day School
    • Students may study in state day schools located in England, Scotland and Wales
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  • Short and Long-Term Options
    • Students can study for as little as one week or they can stay and graduate
  • Extensive Support Services
    • Students will receive high-quality support services, including academic support, guardianship support, and emergency services
  • Homestay opportunities available
    • Students can choose to stay with a host family and integrate into their daily life

Frequently Asked Questions

There are flexible deadlines for almost all of the schools.  However, we recommend applying as early as possible to ensure more options are available.  Ideally, for a September start, we recommend applying by mid-April at the latest.

A full academic year is 3 terms:

  • Autumn Term - September to mid-December
  • Spring Term - January to March/April
  • Summer Term - March/April to July

Available periods of study vary from school to school.  Some will only accept a full academic year placement, others are more flexible:

  • 1-24 week immersion
  • 1 term (around 3 months)
  • 2 terms (around 6 months)
  • 3 terms/Academic Year (around 10 months)
  • 2 years (Full GCSE, A-Level or IB program)

Please note that if a student wishes to get a full qualification, such as GCSEs, A-Levels or the IB, these courses are normally two-year courses and would require a student to follow the whole course.  For this reason, many schools have fixed entry points/ages - please ask us for further details.

Generally speaking, state school placements will be with a host family and private schools in boarding accommodation, however there are both host family and residence/boarding options available at selected state and private schools, please ask us for further details.

This depends on the level/age of entry and the type of course the student will attend.  For shorter-term immersion courses, requirements are less strict but we recommend at least an intermediate English language level to make the most of the program.  For longer-term placements, schools may have their own internal tests that they will ask the student to take. As a general rule, to attend a sixth form college and join an A-Level program, students would be expected to have a minimum 5.5 IELTS.

Yes, it is possible.  Our partner schools offer either GCSEs, A-Levels, the IB Diploma or some vocational courses such as BTEC (which are the equivalent level of A-Levels).  As mentioned previously, most of these are 2-year courses and would require the student to stay for that full period of time in order to gain the qualifications.  Please contact us for further details.

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