Stand Out as an Exchange Student


It takes a unique student to participate in an exchange program.  Leaving your home, family, and friends behind is an extremely difficult decision to make.  However studying abroad can have amazing benefits, and will allow you to stand out as you move on towards university.

Multi-Cultural Understanding

Harvard University is among the best universities in the world.  The school’s admissions criteria is very high, but it is not all about academics:

  • How open are you to new ideas and people?

Committing to an exchange program proves that you are very open to new ideas and new people. An exchange program gives you a multi-cultural outlook on the world.  Universities are full of students of different backgrounds and by developing an understanding and appreciation for diversity, schools will recognize your ability to adapt to a university environment.

Language Development

English skills are extremely important in the university admissions process. In fact, most American universities will require international students to submit TOEFL scores as a part of their application.  While students can improve their English skills by taking classes in their home country, there is no better way to learn the language than being fully immersed in it.

Speaking English every day, with native English speakers will give you the opportunity to develop your skills much faster. Not only with this benefit you, but universities will recognize this as well.  If you plan on attending an American university, all coursework and classroom interaction will be in English.  With the experience you gained during your exchange program, universities will recognize that you are prepared for success in this atmosphere.


Another admission criteria Harvard University lists on its website is as follows:

  • Do you appear to have a genuine commitment or leadership role?

Participating in an exchange program is a great way to prove that a student has those qualities. Moving to a new country and adapting to a new culture takes hard work and dedication.  Even though students have the support of a host family and new friends, they will face many challenges during a program.

Being able to overcome these challenges and create a successful experience takes a great amount of responsibility. Developing a sense of responsibility will not only help students succeed during their exchange program, but in life after their exchange program as well.

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