Sign up today to study in the United Kingdom with SMG this Fall!

As the United Kingdom moves forward in its reopening process, schools are eager to welcome international students this August!

We still have spots available across many of our state/public schools for semester and term programs.

Application deadlines are approaching, so please reach out to Michael at as soon as possible!

East Sussex College

East Sussex England

Varndean College

East Sussex, England

Weymouth College

Dorset, England

Chichester College

West Sussex, England


Students are invited to enroll in state/public high schools to enjoy all that the UK has to offer. Homestay accommodation offers students total immersion into the local culture, as well as in-depth exposure to the English language for constant practice.

The UK Flex State Program is designed to offer students an affordable and personalized program across England, Scotland, and Wales.

We are proud to offer opportunities with only the top-rated state schools across the UK, as rated by the Ofsted Group.

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