January 2023 Update

New! 2023 Toronto Orientation Program
Toronto, Canada

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SMG’s New 2023 Toronto Orientation Program is an Amazing Opportunity!

We are excited to announce our new SMG Toronto Orientation Program, which will be held on Aug. 29 – Sept. 1, 2023. The program will follow the same structure as our New York Orientation program, offering an incredible opportunity for your students to experience Canada’s biggest city.

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SMG Toronto Orientation Flyer_Final_RevD_Page_2

Since this is our 1st year running this program, our spaces are limited. For more information on SMG’s 2023 Toronto Orientation Program, please contact Sasha Brukhnov at sasha@student-management.com.

The SMG Team looks forward to a great year of recruitment for all of our high school programs and is very excited to work with our amazing partners across the world.

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