April 2022 Update 1

SMG together with St. Thomas More School (STM) is happy to offer a US-based, college preparatory curriculum program to potential partner schools in your country. STM has been helping young people from all over the world find success and prepare for college since 1962. We understand that not all students are able to travel to the United States during their high school years to receive a US-based education. By engaging in a partnership with STM, your local school will allow students to take advantage of college preparatory academic curriculum, combined with the excellent reputation of STM and the benefit of a STM diploma.


Benefits of a Partnership with St. Thomas More School:

  • A partnership with STM allows you to offer US-based, college prep courses, as well as Advanced Placement (AP) courses.
  • Students are able to earn a STM diploma, as well as a diploma from their home country.
  • STM will supply or approve all the curriculum for the STM courses that your students will take.
  • STM is able to issue a diploma to all students who complete this program and meet all state and STM graduation requirements.
  • STM will store your students’ transcripts and will be able to share them with colleges and universities, as well as any other entity upon request.
  • For students who are interested in attending a US college or university, the STM transcripts will show that these students have taken courses comparable to their US counterparts and will help them in the college admissions process.
  • STM will furnish the documents needed for approval within your local or state authority.
  • STM will provide support during the startup stage of the program, as well as ongoing academic support and advice. In addition, principals of STM will make on-site visits to offer support and ensure that the program is operating successfully. For further details regarding our STM Dual Diploma Program, please contact Sasha Brukhnov at sasha@student-management.com.
To learn more about St. Thomas More School, please click here to review our latest brochure.


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