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SMG is dedicated to bringing international education to students around the world. We believe strongly that every student should be given the opportunity to experience American education and culture. That is why Student Management Group exists.

Since 2009, we have dedicated our efforts to developing and providing the highest quality student exchange programs for all types of students. Our goal was to create exchange programs where students could fulfill all of their educational needs in schools tailored to their interests.

Today, we are proud to say we are doing everything we can to achieve this goal. We have developed relationships with hundreds of schools, including private high schools, public high schools, and even high schools in Canada to achieve our dreams along with our students. Most recently, we have developed an online high school program for those students looking to receive an American education without the availability to travel to the United States.

Every effort we at SMG make is an attempt to create a better exchange experience for our students. We know our work is not done yet and may never be. We are dedicated to working relentlessly to provide students with the best student exchange services possible.

You can be assured that when you study with Student Management Group you are studying through a program that has been designed for you.

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