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Letter From Our CEO

The dedication to ensuring a high quality program to all Student Management programs and students is our main goal. Our mission of “working together we can make a difference” is more than a mission statement to us. It is why we operate SMG. We may not be the largest organization but our dedication to excellence is what makes us proud of our mission and work.
We want to strive for perfection in each one of our student’s programs. We started with this motive in mind in 2009 when SMG was created and we still maintain that goal today. Each one of our programs is operated individually by a separate company so that each participant can receive the special attention that each one deserves.
SMG knows how important our work is for not only our participants and their families but also for our schools and communities. Our work allows us to “bring the world closer together,” a goal that we keep alive each day. We know how important these programs are for our students, families, schools and communities. Our responsibility and work are great but we enjoy our work. We love what we do and we hope it shows. To love what we are doing and to be involved in such special programs make all the effort and dedication well worth it.


Wayne Brewer, Founder
Student Management Group

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