70 Chinese Students Enjoy Short Term Program in Michigan

group of exchange students on the beach

For three weeks in August, Student Management Group held its first Short Term Group Program in the United States. SMG welcomed a group of 70 Chinese exchange students to Grand Rapids, Michigan for ESL instruction, cultural immersion, and homestay experience.

The students arrived on the weekend of August 1st and had the opportunity to enjoy some activities with their host families and get acclimated to their new surroundings.  The students then attended orientation, where they met with their fellow exchange students and learned more about what to expect during their three-week program.

After orientation, the students were taken on a tour of beautiful Cornerstone University, located right in Grand Rapids. This gave the students a better idea of what University is like in the United States.

After spending a week with their host families, students began participating in morning ESL classes.  These classes were very interactive, encouraging students to participate and have fun while learning a new language.  Some students made great pieces of art.

After ESL class finished, the afternoon allowed students to take part in cultural immersion experiences with American high school students, who also attended the camp.  This gave them the opportunity to use what they learned in ESL classes with their fellow English speaking camp members.  Activities included rock climbing, water sports, and much more.

Besides the cultural immersion these students received in camp, their host families also introduced them to a great deal of culture at home.  And you can’t talk about American culture without mentioning American food!  Students were introduced to American barbecue, pizza, and some even got to experience an early Thanksgiving dinner.

At the end of the three week program, the students were no longer just guests in their home stays.  They became members of the families with whom they were staying.  That is one of the greatest things about student exchange programs.  Even in such a short amount of time, the bonds created between student and host family can last a lifetime.

For more information on our short term immersion programs, please visit our U.S. Short Term Immersion Program page

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