5 New Year’s Resolutions For High School Exchange Students

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As 2017 quickly approaches, people all over the world are finalizing their New Year’s resolutions. These lists can include eating healthier, discovering a new hobby, reading more, among endless other resolutions.

For international high school exchange students, the New Year provides a new chance to make the most out of their high school program. Here are our top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for High School Exchange Students.

1. Try Something New

Joining an international high school program is a once in a lifetime opportunity. To make the most of the experience it is important for all students to step outside of their comfort zone. Is there a sport or club you have always wanted to join but never took the chance? There is no better time than now to take make that leap and discover a new interest. You have already traveled thousands of miles across the world, complete the journey and try something new.

2. Start Thinking About College/University

Deciding where to go to college is a major decision for any student to make. It can be an especially difficult task for an international student who may be looking to study in a variety of different countries. There are thousands of colleges and universities to choose from, offering opportunities for students with all types of interests. By getting a head start on your search you may be able to narrow down your options to help find the perfect option.

3. Make New Friends

When coming to a new country and new school some students find it difficult to make friends. It can be easy to feel nervous to talk to new people. Regardless of how scary it may seem, it is important to try and make an effort to introduce yourself to your new classmates. The friends exchange students make during a high school program often become friends for life. Don’t miss out on the chance to make lifelong friendships, go out and make new friends.

4. Work to Improve English Skills

If you have been accepted to a high school exchange program you already have a good base of English skills. You now have the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the English language. Whether you are with your host family, in class or participating in a club, you have the chance to continuously improve your English. Do your best to take advantage of this time and learn as much as you can.

5. Have fun!

Yes, it is important to get good grades and to work hard. But it is also important to recognize a high school exchange program is a rare opportunity. Don’t lose sight of just how special this time in your life is and make sure to enjoy every moment.

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